With certified inspection units located in every major oil and gas producing area in the U.S. on land and multiple mobile units ready for offshore deployment, CSI Inspection is your best choice for Cat. 3, 4 & 5 drill pipe inspections. We provide Visual, Mag Particle, EMI, UT, and Shear Wave inspections with state of the art calibrated equipment either on-site or in one of our local pipe yards. All CSI drill collar inspection trucks are fully outfitted with everything needed to inspect on our customers location.


Certified Inspections Of:
  • Bottom hole assembly components
  • Drill pipe - category 5 capabilities
  • Casing end area
  • Mast | derrick | structural
  • Top drive and accessory subs
  • API  inspection of rotary shouldered connections
  • Non-ferromagnectic down hole tools
In-House Services:

CSI can provide daily in-house inspection of in-coming tools in your shop at a value to our customers. We will work with our customers to establish a detailed Procedure for our services offered.
Third Party Services:

All of our inspectors have extensive deep water Gulf of Mexico and North Sea NS-2 experience.


All CSI drill collar (BHA) inspection units are fully outfitted with all necessary equipment to inspect on our customers location. All of our equipment is fully calibrated in accordance to NIST standards and referenced via database. In addition, we have portable generators on our units and all the necessary equipment for field repair of rotary shouldered connections including shoulder refacing and thread repair. We currently have ten (10) new drill pipe trailers with digital packages for recording EMI inspection to CD for customer review.


All of CSI Inspection employees are exposed to one of the most rigorous training programs in the industry. The training program takes approximately nine months to a year to complete. Upon completion, the certified inspectors carry the qualifications that meet or exceed industry standards and ASNT TC 1A specifications.


All of CSI Inspection equipment is subject to calibration standards set by manufacturer, DS 1, NS 2 and other industry requirements. Every six months equipment is re-calibrated in compliance with NIST.


  • Magnetic particle inspection of ferromagnetic equipment (MT)
  • Liquid penetrant inspection of non-ferromagnetic equipment (PT)
  • Electromagnetic induction (EMI) of OCTG (tubular)
  • Ultrasonic inspection (UT) utilizing compression and shear wave techniques


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Broussard, LA 70518
Ph: 337.269.5889

Other Locations:
Williston, ND
Grand Junction, CO
Odessa, TX
Houston, TX

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